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The Burundi Association of Manufacturers (BAM) is a not-for-profit organisation, registered in Burundi. BAM was   Created in 1999 by the manufacturers of Burundi. and is member of Federal chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi.Today, BAM has over 60 members and is recognised as the leading voice of the sector. 

The Burundi Association of Manufacturers is a voluntary business association of over 60 members, made up of small, medium and large scale manufacturing and services industries in agro-processing (food and beverages), agri-business, pharmaceuticals, information technology, utilities, service industries, construction, textiles, garments and leather.

As the leading voice of manufacturing industries in the country, Burundi Association of Manufacturers is dedicated to:

  • Advocating policies that advance the growth and development of industries; 
  • Facilitating international trade through exhibition of member products in countries across the sub-region;
  • Strengthening Burundi Association of manufacturers’ members through the sharing of knowledge,experience and critical information; 
  • Providing members with a vast network of contacts, especially in the East Africa Community ;
  • Hosting the industry exhibition to promote members’ goods.

Burundi Association of Manufacturers does these through:

  • Analysis and monitoring of policy impact on businesses in order to: 
  • Support and influence legislations or other measures considered to be favourable for the advancement of industry; or 
  • Challenge policies which are considered inimical to industrial growth and development;
  • Presenting industry’s position papers on specific policies to government and stakeholders;
  • Providing quality service to member-companies, particularly small and medium-scale enterprises in order to bring about continuous improvement in their operations.